Create a training evaluation questionnaire

Conduct a training evaluation and survey your trainees to gather their feedback following a training session within your organization.

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Homme donant une formation à un groupe

5 examples of Training questionnaires

There are different types of training questionnaires. Depending on the stage the trainee is in, the evaluation varies as well as the type of survey to administer. Discover the training evaluation models offered by Eva&GO :


Post-training feedback survey

Evaluate the effects of the training and the implementation of acquired skills at work, a few weeks or months after the training session. It is possible to easily conduct both post training and training satisfaction survey using the same tool.


Training feedback survey

Easily create a training satisfaction questionnaire. Distribute a satisfaction survey to gauge your trainees’ feelings regarding the training attended and evaluate its quality in terms of content, tools, trainer skills, etc.


Knowledge test

Evaluate the prerequisites and determine the level of knowledge of your trainees. With its scoring capabilities and quiz creation features, Eval&GO enables you to conduct prerequisite questionnaires or knowledge tests a few weeks before the training.


Assessment of learning outcomes

Assess the knowledge acquired by the trainees throughout the training. Validate understanding and skill acquisition through a multiple-choice evaluation quiz. The results presented as scores, either for each trainee or per question, will enable you to confirm the learning outcomes of the training.


Training expectations questionnaire

Measure the expectations of your participants regarding the training. Offer anonymous questionnaires and open-ended questions so that they can express themselves freely. The responses obtained will provide you with the insights to adapt to the needs of the trainees at the beginning of the training.

Step-by-step training evaluation

Taking a training course is good, but knowing if it has been beneficial and useful to both the employee and the employer is even better. Simply conducting a satisfaction evaluation questionnaire at the end of the training is very limiting. It’s essential to consider the evaluation process holistically by integrating all the steps before and after the training.

Before training

Using a knowledge test developed on Eval&GO, the trainer will be able to assess the participants' prerequisites to determine their level of knowledge before the training. This will enable the trainer to tailor the training content accordingly.

During training

At the beginning of the training, Eval&GO advises the trainer to assess the participants' expectations using a training expectations questionnaire. Then, to validate the trainees' learning during the course of the training, it is recommended to question them through a quiz, multiple-choice questions (MCQ), or a knowledge validation test using the online tool Eval&GO.

After training

Create an evaluation satisfaction questionnaire with Eval&GO to gather the feedback and feelings of the participants after the training. A few months later, verify the implementation of acquired skills and assess the effects of the training received using a cold training evaluation questionnaire.

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