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9 Examples and Templates of Human Resources Surveys

Trust in our leading solution in France, secure and GDPR-compliant, to create your HR questionnaires. You can measure workplace well-being, conduct a 360° survey, conduct a social barometer, gather employee needs, or address your quality initiatives.

360° Evaluation

Teamwork, communication, self-confidence, relationship with hierarchy… Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your managers and employees through a 360-degree evaluation. It’s possible to conduct both an employee evaluation and a manager evaluation simultaneously. The results of each can then be easily compared using our advanced analysis tool and its options for filters and comparative tables.

test de personnalite

Personality test

Assign profiles or positions to your respondents based on the ratings and scores obtained for each question. Also, conduct professional personality tests as part of your recruitment process by measuring candidates’ soft skills. Eval&GO’s features are adaptable to your needs to conduct any type of personality test and recruitment test.

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HR Diagnosis

Perform an HR diagnosis to conduct a human assessment of your company and implement corrective actions. Address various human ressources-related topics and ask your managers to complete the diagnosis to assess the HR situation in your company. By gathering data, effectively highlight the points that require your attention.

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Social barometer

Distribute an anonymous and confidential questionnaire to all your employees regularly to obtain a snapshot of the social climate of your company. A great way to conduct an overall evaluation of a company as a whole. Use the results module of our online survey software to analyze trend evolution and precisely measure the effectiveness of your action plans.

qualite de vie

Quality of life at work

Evaluate the well-being of your employees and the quality of work life across various criteria using scale, star, or smiley face questions integrated into your employee evaluation form. The responses obtained will provide you with insights to keep your employees motivated and engaged. It’s also an effective way to positively communicate your employer brand.

bilan competences

Skills assessment

Support your colleagues by offering them a skills assessment and evaluating their training needs. The goal of this type of study is to measure the alignment of soft skills and/or hard skills with the position held by each employee. To achieve this, for example, provide the surveyed employee with a set of scale questions.

securite entreprise

Corporate security

Evaluate the level of security in your company through a questionnaire. This ensures that all measures are properly implemented.

enquete miroir 493x350 1

Mirror survey

Compare the opinions of your customers on your offering with those of your collaborators to understand their perspectives.

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Teleworking questionnaire

Question your employees to make the right decisions regarding the measures to implement to ensure the success of remote work.

Conduct different types of surveys with Eval&GO

Company evaluation and measuring employee satisfaction are key elements in driving a relevant human resources policy and ensuring your organization’s performance. Today, online surveys stand out as a quick and engaging tool, easy for your employees to use.

Realisez differents types d enquetes avec EvalGO

The employee at the heart of your performance

Employee evaluation becomes an important and strategic issue for every organization. A happy employee is a more productive, creative, and loyal one. They can even prove to be excellent ambassadors to your potential clients or future employees. Effectively listening to them, just like your clients, is no longer an option today. Regardless of the type of online survey, using the gathered data will enable you to address your employees’ needs, ensure their satisfaction, improve their working conditions, adjust your action plans, and take the right steps to enhance your performance.

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