Eval&GO PRO+Team Account

Collaborate on your questionnaires as a team with a PRO+ multi-user subscription. Manage your workspaces according to your needs.

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The advantages of a PRO+Team account

Advances features

The team account grants you full access to all features of Eval&GO software. White labeling, payment integration, multiscoring, multilingual support… create without limits!

Preferential and sliding-scale rates

Contact us to get a quote based on the number of users. The more users you have working on Eval&GO, the more advantageous the pricing per user becomes.

Work in teams or in groups

You can partition workspaces by team or group. That way, you can moderate access to certain questionnaires or manage surveys more effectively.

Administration roles

Eval&GO offers administrative roles for managing everything, or supervisor roles for managing only a specific group or team. The choice is yours!

Configuration tailored to your needs.

Access to modification, publishing rights, or result viewing… Permission levels are fully customizable per user or team.

Customized and tailor-made design

According to your brand elements or preferences, we offer one or multiple tailor-made themes, crafted by our in-house graphic designer.

Webinar training

As a team account holder, you’ll receive customized webinar training, either to get started with the application or to focus on a specific aspect.

Priority online support

Your requests via email, chat, and tickets are given priority by our teams. All users of the team account have unrestricted access to them.

How does it work?

With the PRO+ Team account, you and your co-workers can access the Eval&GO application simultaneously using individual login credentials.

Create, customize, share, and analyze your questionnaires or your colleagues’, or alternatively work independently in segmented workspaces. The administrator of the PRO+ Team account configures all accounts and access rights from an interface called ‘team management.’ From creating teams to setting up supervisors, assigning specific rights based on users, adapt your configuration according to your company’s structure and needs.

Whether you’re a team of 2 or 500, the PRO+ Team account allows you to work securely with a customized configuration and all the features of the tool.

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Some examples of settings

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Company setting

Your various accounts are organized in a hierarchical structure. A super administrator manages different teams and chooses whether to have them work together or segment their spaces. Group managers can also be appointed to facilitate team management.

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Collaborative setting

Do you want to collaborate on the same project with others? We offer you the possibility to link your accounts to easily share your surveys and results, allowing each person to make changes. Each account can also manage its own surveys and analysis reports and keep them confidential.

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Individual setting

Each user has their own PRO+ account and works entirely autonomously while enjoying the preferential rates of the PRO+ Team account. Like other types of configurations, you benefit from expert webinars and customized design to optimize your surveys.

Personalized support

Benefit from personalized support throughout the year and enjoy Webinar training sessions with an Eval&GO expert (video conference with screen sharing). These sessions will introduce you to the application and its various features for quick familiarization with the tool. You’ll receive advice on creating and analyzing your surveys to efficiently carry out your online questionnaire projects. Our team of graphic designers will offer you a tailor-made design for your surveys, in line with your company’s branding, tailored to your needs and industry. This design will be made available to all users, ensuring a more professional appearance and uniformity across all your questionnaires. Take advantage of privileged access to customer support via chat, ticket, email, and phone to ask all your questions and seek advice for optimal use of the application.

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