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4 examples of Education surveys

The online questionnaire is a simple tool to implement and adapts to the various challenges of a school establishment. The features of Eval&GO software enable you to conduct various types of online surveys.

test connaissance

Knowledge test

Reinvent your assessment tests by creating engaging questionnaires for your students. This allows you to benefit from automatic scoring and overall as well as individual result tracking.

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Final thesis

Your students create the ideal thesis questionnaire for collecting relevant data for their university dissertation. They can thus use a reliable and secure tool to create their end-of-studies questionnaire.


Registration form

Digitize your paper forms to streamline the collection of information tailored to each profile using display/hide rules. This way, you gather reliable information that can be reused in other IT tools.

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Career choice survey

Create a career choice questionnaire to help students generate ideas and discover careers that suit them. An orientation test is a fun way to support your students in their decision-making process.

Create all types of quizzes for your students.

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Online questionnaires are increasingly used by teachers to assess their students’ knowledge. Indeed, they allow for the rapid and efficient collection of information on students’ knowledge and skills, as well as their understanding of taught concepts. They can also be useful for real-time assessment, thereby allowing teachers to quickly adapt to the needs of their students.

Online surveys are valuable tools for enhancing student participation in the classroom. Teachers can use them to ask questions, allowing students to reflect on their answers and participate actively. With Eval&GO quizzes, students learn while having fun!

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Launch market reseaches, product tests, website analyses, or unlimited customer satisfaction evaluations.


Benefit from a GDPR-compliant secure solution with HDS servers for all your patient and prescriber surveys.

Human Ressources

Work-life balance, personality assessment, skills assessment... indispensable questionnaires for HR management.


Evaluate your trainees as part of your Qualiopi procedures or evaluate the knowledge of your participants.


Quality processes, territory diagnostics, or information collection, our tool supports all your needs.

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