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Satisfaction, quiz, study market, MCQ, vote, payment… Create different types of questionnaires to suit your specific needs.

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Eval&GO, the leading online questionnaire creation tool in France.

Our survey creation software offers a multitude of possibilities and adapts to your needs and your industry. Create an online questionnaire that reflects your style!


Satisfaction survey

Assess the perception of your customers, patients or trainees with a satisfaction questionnaire.


Online quiz

Create single- or multi-score online quizzes to assess knowledge or validate skills.


Market research

Measure the potential of a project or product with an online market research questionnaire.

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Online MCQ

Create online MCQs and assign grades to your respondents. You can also personalize the closing message.


Online form

Collect information about your respondents or manage your registrations via an online form.


Online assessment

Conduct an online assessment or a corporate test to measure various services or skills.


Online vote

Organize a secure online vote for your general meetings or other events using the Eva&GO tool.


Payment form

Insert a payment form on the closing page of your questionnaire, based on the selected responses in the questionnaire.

A questionnaire creation tool that adapts to your business

Eval&GO is perfect for listening to your customers, gathering feedback, evaluating your products or services, measuring the satisfaction of your customers, patients, and employees, or retrieving any type of information.

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Personalize all elements of your online questionnaire

Customize each element of your survey to make your questionnaire professional and reflect your brand image.

A customizable design

Make your survey appealing and increase response rates by customizing the design of your survey using the themes from our library. With the design module in the Eval&GO tool, create your own tailor-made themes, incorporating all the elements of your brand’s visual identity with your company’s colors.

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Many types of questions

Choose from multiple question types to survey your respondents. For a satisfaction questionnaire, for example, you have the option of using evaluation questions in the form of smileys/stars or matrix questions to assess specific criteria.

Contact publishing

Integrate your contact lists into the software and directly send your questionnaire via email from our sending platform. You can customize the publishing of your survey based on the type of questionnaire using the various options offered by the Eval&GO application.

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A reports creation module

Customize the display of your survey results according to the desired analyses and objectives. The Eval&GO tool allows you to highlight the results according to your needs: graphs, tables, radar charts, cross-tabulations, comparative tables. You also have control over the layout.

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Enjoy the benefits of the Eval&GO tool.

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Our survey creation software offers a multitude of possibilities and adapts to your needs and industry. Create an online questionnaire that reflects your style!

RGPD compliant and health Data

The solution is fully GDPR compliant, and its servers are certified as ‘Health Data Hosts’. We also offer a dedicated feature to collect consent from your respondents.

Intuitive and easy-to-use software

Your questionnaire project is ready with the Eval&GO tool in just a few clicks. All that’s left is to collect your responses in real-time and follow up with your contacts as needed.

Free trial with no credit card required

Signing up for Eval&GO is free and doesn’t require a credit card. We offer a FREE account, which is free forever! If you want to take it further, you can create test surveys or subscribe.

Tailored accounts for every need

We offer various subscriptions to meet your needs: a monthly account for occasional use or an annual account for more frequent contact with your respondents. Choose the option that suits you best!

Need help choosing the right account for your project?

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