Create a marketing survey for your market research.

The strategic decisions you make must be well-founded to ensure the success of your business. Therefore, effectively listen to your prospects and customers through a marketing questionnaire.

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5 examples of Marketing questionnaires

Conducting a market study to define your sales potential, measure customer product satisfaction, evaluate your brand positioning… are all marketing surveys that you can implement with Eval&GO software.

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Client satisfaction

Collect the feedback of your customers with a customer satisfaction survey. Through scale or rating questions (emoji or star), Eval&GO allows your customers to express their opinions in a playful manner. You will also be able to analyze your customers’ feedback in real time.

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Net Promoter Score

Measure the loyalty of your existing customers. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculated through a recommendation rate and an open-ended question will enable you to evaluate your customers’ behavior and implement actions aimed at encouraging their loyalty.

lancement de produit

Product launch

Collect feedback from your prospects for the launch of a new product through an online questionnaire. Using matrix questions, you can evaluate the appreciation of different aspects of your product: design, price, features… and better understand your customers’ expectations.

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Company diagnosis

Choose Eval&GO to conduct a company diagnosis to provide the best advice to your clients on their action strategy. Whether for conducting an internal or external diagnosis, use our tool to list all your client’s resources.

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CSR diagnostic

Ethics, diversity, quality of life at work… Use our diagnostic creation features with an online questionnaire to measure the level of engagement of your employees, the actions implemented within the company, and the impacts of your initiatives.

The results of your marketing questionnaire: a strategic issue

Les resultats de votre questionnaire marketing un enjeu strategique

The data provided by your clients and prospects are valuable and contribute to a process of continuous improvement. The information you collect about your market, related to supply and demand, will be of paramount importance to the well-being of your business. The results module provides you with real-time updating figures and offers you the ability to customize your analyses. The results of your marketing questionnaires presented by Eval&GO in the form of a comprehensive report—graphs, tables, verbatim—will allow you to analyze customer feedback and easily communicate it to your management. These results will serve as a solid foundation for acting effectively and making strategic decisions.

Use our wide selection of survey templates


Evaluate your trainees as part of your Qualiopi procedures or evaluate the knowledge of your participants.


Benefit from a GDPR-compliant secure solution with HDS servers for all your patient and prescriber surveys.

Human Ressources

Work-life balance, personality assessment, skills assessment... indispensable questionnaires for HR management.


Students or teachers, take advantage of all the advanced features of Eval&GO for your studies, dissertations, and evaluations.


Quality processes, territory diagnostics, or information collection, our tool supports all your needs.

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