Eval&GO, the most comprehensive online survey site on the market

The Eval&GO survey website is an online software offering a wide range of features for your professional questionnaires.

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Quiz and questionnaire online website

Eval&GO is both a questionnaire creation and quiz website. Thanks to its advanced features, it can be used to create various types of survey, such as satisfaction surveys, market research questionnaires, registration forms, evaluation tests, quizzes, MCQ, barometers and 360° questionnaires.

In order for you to test the solution with complete peace of mind, our online survey website is free for the first 14 days and with no prepayment required. Furthermore, our online questionnaire site offers monthly or annual subscription packages, with or without commitment, depending on your plans. You can also choose your account type, PRO or PRO+, depending on the customization options you require.

No matter what business you’re in, our online survey website adapts to your projects and needs. We offer a wide range of templates by sector.

Use our wide selection of survey templates

The solution is first and foremost a survey application that lets you create, customize, publish and analyze all your questionnaires from a powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Therefore, you can manage all your projects from a single questionnaire application, available on computer and smartphone, alone or as part of a team.

Custom-made questionnaires

The solution adapts to all your needs thanks to numerous question types, different form customization options, a precise and intuitive design customization module, as well as a variety of publication methods. You create questionnaires that reflect your personality.

Advanced features

Multilingual, scoring, grouping, quotas, data integration, debranding, API, dynamic report, url customization…The survey application owns one of the widest ranges of features on the market, enabling you to carry out all your projects efficiently.

GDPR compliant

Eval&GO is a French company that hosts all data in France and has trained its teams in RGPD best practices. You benefit from a fully secure site to make questionnaires, and your respondents must agree to the processing of their personal data prior to registration.

Adjustable subscriptions

Save with an annual account or enjoy the best online survey site without commitment with monthly accounts. You can unsubscribe and re-subscribe at any time. Your work and data are preserved and accessible as a free account, even when your subscription is interrupted.

A customer satisfaction and feedback application

Eval&GO’s ability to create satisfaction surveys makes it a powerful customer satisfaction application. Whether you’re in training, marketing, human resources, tourism, healthcare, events or education, you can conduct your own satisfaction surveys with ease. The 100% French satisfaction survey site will meet all your requirements! You can also make use of our templates and models if you lack inspiration.

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A quiz and test evaluation application

Eval&GO is also a quiz application that allows displaying correct and incorrect answers, automatically calculating a score, a success percentage, or a grade, and showing personalized text based on the result. The tool addresses the needs of training organizations for creating validation tests of acquired skills, as well as those of schools for conducting knowledge assessments. In these areas, as in others, the survey can take the form of a quiz or a multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ).

Application to create your MCQ

Beyond creating simple quizzes, the tool is also an application for creating effective and automatic MCQs. For your multiple-choice questionnaires, the point calculation mode based on the number of choices to be checked can be configured with a single click, and the assignment of a coefficient for each question is done directly at the time of writing the question. With multi-score management, it is also possible to distribute the grade across different categories while accessing an overall score.

Application to create your own quiz

Discover an application for creating your quiz with ease thanks to a dedicated quiz creation module. You choose the correct answers, customize the display of the message and score or grade at the end of the questionnaire, and the application takes care of the rest. Everything is automated! Never has a website for creating quizzes been so user-friendly while offering advanced features.

A market research application tailored to your audience

You can use the software as a market research tool. Indeed, it is very easy to create an online survey that will allow you to question your customers, users, or prospects if you have their contact information. Please note, we do not provide panels; our market research site only allows you to prepare your survey and analyze the results in a thorough and personalized manner. It’s up to you to publish your questionnaire, and thus know who you will be publishing it to. Feel free to use your online platforms for publication to increase the number of respondents and achieve your goals.

Choose the subscription best suited to your needs

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