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Support your tourism quality initiatives by implementing surveys aimed at better understanding your region and your partners.

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6 examples of surveys tailored to tourism stakeholders

Measuring satisfaction is a key element in your tourism quality initiatives. To easily collect visitor satisfaction, online surveys now stand out as a tool that is easy, quick, engaging, and allows you to analyze data in real-time.

qualite tourisme

Tourism Quality

As part of your quality initiatives, gather feedback from your visitors during or after their visit to the tourist office. Numerous topics can be evaluated, including access, reception, information, website usability, etc.

enquete partenaire

Partner Survey

Effectively gather information from local partners through a customized form. This is also an opportunity to better understand the expectations of these establishments as well as those of the residents who frequent them.

observatoire tendances

Observatory of trends

Consolidate data continuously from various sources using surveys. The Eval&GO analysis tool then allows you to track statistical trends using trend curves and sector comparisons.

diagnostic territorial

Territorial Diagnosis

Discover how to create a territorial diagnosis on Eval&GO as part of your territorial development project. Depending on your needs, this will allow you to open dialogue among stakeholders or to explore residents’ suggestions for improving your territory.

satisfaction hotel 493x350 1

Hotel Satisfaction

Evaluate your service level to better meet the expectations of visitors. The responses collected from your hotel’s online satisfaction survey will enable you to implement effective action plans for improvement.

satisfaction restaurants

Restaurant Satisfaction

Build customer loyalty by increasing their satisfaction. You can measure restaurant customer satisfaction based on various criteria such as reception, quality of service, value for money, diversity of dishes, and many more.

Satisfaction at the heart of your quality tourism initiatives

La satisfaction au coeur de vos demarches qualite tourisme

Depending on the standard you wish to adhere to, several topics must be evaluated such as access to premises, reception, information, or the website. The questions available with Eval&GO allow you to group scale questions to facilitate respondents’ understanding. You can then easily compare the satisfaction rates of each topic in real-time and continuously. To publish your survey and maximize response rates, numerous tools are at your disposal: email publication, QR code, or providing tablets in the tourist office premises.

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Launch market reseaches, product tests, website analyses, or unlimited customer satisfaction evaluations.


Benefit from a GDPR-compliant secure solution with HDS servers for all your patient and prescriber surveys.

Human Ressources

Work-life balance, personality assessment, skills assessment... indispensable questionnaires for HR management.


Students or teachers, take advantage of all the advanced features of Eval&GO for your studies, dissertations, and evaluations.


Evaluate your trainees as part of your Qualiopi procedures or evaluate the knowledge of your participants.

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