Eval&GO: How does it work?

The Eval&GO software features allow you to create, share and analyze your online questionnaires with simplicity. 

Instant access, no credit card required

Take advantage of an online and RGPD compliant application

Your data storage is in line with GDPR regulations and on servers based in France. Your questionnaires incorporate all the necessary features for your compliance: your respondents are protected and can exercise their right to rectification or withdrawal at any time.

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A wide choice of question types

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Several editing options

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Advanced editing options

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Fully customizable closing page

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Publish and reminder module

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Notifications and real-time results

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Customized reports

Choose the subscription best suited to your needs

Or get advice from our team +33 (0)4 67 17 96 77

Unlimited access to your Eval&GO space

You can work on your online questionnaire anytime and anywhere by accessing your administration space from a web or mobile browser. There’s nothing to download (Web Application – SaaS software) and it’s easy to get started. And in case you need any help, our team is there to support you!

Tailor your questionnaires to your projects

We’ve designed all our features to enable you to create questionnaires tailored to your project and easily analyze the results. In order to meet your expectations, we regularly add new features and enhancements.

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