How to create a satisfaction survey?

Create a satisfaction survey to listen, gather feedback from your respondents, and better address their needs.

Creating a satisfaction survey is a piece of cake

Eval&GO recommends assessing satisfaction from the first contact between your company and your customer, as well as throughout the purchasing journey and even several weeks after the transaction.

Create a professional survey

  • More than 20 types of question
  • Customizable themes and logos
  • Advanced features (conditional, multilingual, scores, etc.)
  • And way more…

Publish by email or on social media

  • Anonymous URL link
  • Integrated emailing platform
  • Integrable on your website, QR code
  • Reminder system
  • And way more…

Analyze results in real time

  • Redirection or customized closing page
  • Various chart types, cross-sorting
  • Trend analysis and report filters
  • Share and export a report in multiple formats
  • And way more…

The satisfaction survey, essential for you

“Should we implement a satisfaction survey in our company?” Many of you may be asking this question as customer-oriented strategies are gaining popularity. And rightly so, the answer is “yes,” it is necessary, and in all structures!

Your company should focus all its efforts on a major issue: customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will be happy and therefore loyal, whereas an unsatisfied customer will be unhappy and will not renew their experience with you. Satisfying your interlocutors in a sustainable way is therefore essential for your sustainability.

The solution: conduct a satisfaction study with Eval&GO. Satisfaction surveys have become an indispensable and necessary tool today. With just a few clicks on our online tool, your questionnaire is ready, and you can easily send it to all your contacts. Question all your customers to gather their feedback on your product/service through the creation of a satisfaction questionnaire on the Eval&GO application.


The customer satisfaction survey meets all your expectations

A customer satisfaction questionnaire is the best way to assess your customers’ satisfaction, as it enables you to meet several objectives at once.

Get to know your customers

Understanding the needs and expectations of your interlocutors will enable you to better satisfy them and consequently foster their loyalty. Listen to them attentively through a satisfaction form. In your questionnaires, the various types of questions offered by the Eval&GO software will help you achieve this goal. Utilize filter questions and questions related to knowledge, such as product or service usage frequency and/or context. Additionally, incorporate open-ended questions into your simple satisfaction questionnaire to allow your clients to express themselves freely; this will enable you to obtain answers to your inquiries.

Evaluate the perception of your contacts

The overall feeling of a customer depends on their expectations and the perception they have following an action related to your company. Customer satisfaction surveys help identify gaps between their original expectations and their mindset after the interaction. To assess this perception, we aim to detail levels of satisfaction by evaluating various satisfaction criteria. In order to create a satisfaction form, we will ask more in-depth questions using Likert scale questions and matrix questions. For example, regarding service quality, we will measure phone waiting times, and for the training center, we will assess the trainer’s teaching methods and professionalism.

Implement effective action plans

Through a customer satisfaction survey, you can determine their purchase and recommendation intentions. In your questionnaire, incorporate NPS (Net Promoter Score) type questions. Overall, your online satisfaction survey on Eval&GO will allow you to diagnose anomalies, improve the perception of your customer base, narrow the gap between their perception and reality, and tailor your product or service offerings to your customers’ needs. Feeling listened to will enhance your company’s image with your stakeholders. New areas of focus will emerge and assist you in developing commercial strategies to keep your customers consistently happy and satisfied.

How to create a successful customer satisfaction survey?

The customer satisfaction survey must be well-organized for it to be successful with a high response rate. Create a short and precise questionnaire, consisting of 10 to 15 relevant questions, distributed across multiple pages for better readability, with an introduction and conclusion page. Place your important questions at the beginning to gather maximum responses even if your respondents decide to abandon the survey midway. Work on the visual aspect of your feedback questionnaire. It’s essential to make your survey smooth and appealing, using visual elements, a logo, and colors that represent your company.

Use communication channels that resonate with your prospects to publish your marketing satisfaction study, for example, on social media. Or share your questionnaire directly via email to your contacts through the Eval&GO sending platform. Our online tool provides an automatic report of results that updates in real-time to analyze the feedback from your respondents.


Our solutions

The advanced features of Eval&GO software allow you to create any type of questionnaire, quiz, survey, test…

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Online vote

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Online assessment

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Online Quiz

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Online form

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Market research

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