How to create a market research questionnaire?

Eval&Go identifies your prospects’ expectations with its market research questionnaire. Collect and analyze your data easily!

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Conduct a market research online, remotely

Depending on your target audience, conducting an online market study can be a simple and effective way to reach your audience. Indeed, with the Eval&GO software, its implementation is quick and does not require field investigators. Creating a remote market study questionnaire will save you valuable time to validate a concept, launch a new product, or modify your pricing policy.

Create a questionnaire in a few clicks

Eval&GO offers an intuitive and comprehensive questionnaire design interface to create a market study. You can choose from a wide range of questions, redirect your respondents to relevant questions, or offer the respondent the option to choose their language before answering. Many other options are available on both computers and smartphones.

Maximize the number of responses

To conduct an online market study, we recommend using all available publishing methods within the interface: sharing links on social networks, email sending platforms, printable QR codes, integrating the form into your website, and more. This way, you increase your chances of obtaining numerous responses when publishing your online market study questionnaire.

View data in real time

The responses collected from your various channels are viewable in real-time directly on the results and reports module of the Eval&GO market study software. You can choose to view your results in an automatic report or create a custom report that can be easily shared with your colleagues or management. Once all your data is collected, download your report in the desired format.

Use Eval&GO to carry out market research on an identified target group

The solution allows you to conduct a market research among an audience you already know (customers, prospects, community, etc.). Indeed, you can import email addresses of your contacts directly into the application and send them the study via email either anonymously or by identifying your respondents. A very useful publishing module for a marketing service questionnaire, for example, or for conducting a quantitative survey, which allows for easy follow-up with individuals who have not yet completed the survey. It’s also possible to have a link to share on your social networks, in online community groups, or on your website to reach a wider audience.

Finding respondents for your market study, how to go about it? If you’re looking to launch your business and don’t have clients yet, you can reach out to a panel provider to access a qualified contact database. Depending on the type of panel provider, Eval&GO may be able to connect it to its publishing module for you.


Take advantage of Eval&GO's advanced features for your marketing questionnaire

Whether your marketing questionnaire helps you better understand your customers or launch a new product in the market, Eval&GO definitely offers an option tailored to your needs. If you want to use the solution for another type of purpose: satisfaction survey, online quiz, online form, voting application… Check out our dedicated page for our solutions.

Tables questions

Opt for a simple matrix or 2D matrix question to evaluate different items on the same scale. This will save time during analysis.

Insert images

Creating an engaging market research can involve incorporating visual questions rather than textual ones to make the experience more enjoyable.

Redirections and connections

Conducting an online market research involves making the questionnaire accessible to everyone by displaying only the questions relevant to each respondent.

Customizable design

Choose a theme that reflects your style to personalize your market research survey in line with your company’s branding guidelines.


Remove any mention of Eval&GO from your form to create a market research questionnaire that can be seamlessly integrated into a page on your website.

Customize url

Looking to conduct a professional marketing study? Add your company’s name directly to the questionnaire URL and customize your email when publishing it.

Results presentation

Redirect your respondents to the market research results as a conclusion page. Your data updates in real-time without any action required from your end.


Looking to conduct an international marketing market research? Use our multilingual module to offer the questionnaire in different languages.

Data integration

If you already have information about your respondents, you can import it prior to sending the survey to use it during analysis.

Are you looking to conduct a free online market study?

The FREE account allows you to conduct a free online market study. Whether for small businesses or individuals, we offer a completely free account limited to 10 questions per questionnaire and 25 responses per month. Conducting a market research at minimal cost becomes entirely possible. However, please note that there are limitations in terms of available question types, creation tools, publishing modules, and analysis capabilities offered by the platform. It’s also up to you to determine who you will send the questionnaire link to!


Our solutions

The advanced features of Eval&GO software allow you to create any type of questionnaire, quiz, survey, test…


Evaluate the satisfaction of your customers or patients to better meet their expectations and needs.

Online Quiz

Offer entertaining quizzes to test knowledge or define profiles based on multiple criteria.

Payment form

Use a questionnaire with integrated payment form that updates based on the responses.

Online MCQ

Are you a teacher or a trainer? Opt for evaluations in the form of multiple-choice questionnaires.

Online vote

Conduct elections professionally with Eval&GO's online voting.

Online assessment

Easily conduct a 360-degree assessment by surveying your colleagues within your company.

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