How to create a safe and free online vote?

Would you like to create a secure online vote? Eval&Go’s solution is perfect for you!


Conducting an online vote with complete confidentiality.

With Eval&GO, online voting guarantees 100% confidentiality and security.

RGPD compliant online voting application

When you organize a nominative vote and need to include questions in your form that involve personal data such as name, surname, phone number, email, the online voting platform Eval&GO asks you to fill out a consent form from respondents, in compliance with GDPR regulations. Respondents to your vote will be able to know the terms of processing their data (the duration of retention, the purposes of processing, etc.) and will be protected and reassured by exercising their right of withdrawal or rectification if they wish.

Confidential data stored in France

The online voting software Eval&GO guarantees unparalleled confidentiality. All information collected in your vote belongs to you. You own all the questionnaire data. They are confidential and accessible only to you. At any time, you can object to the processing of data, delete them, or have them corrected. All your data is stored in France, in compliance with European standards, and is never transferred outside of Europe.

Secure online voting system

If you wish to organize an online vote, elect a council, or gather feedback from members of your association, Eval&GO implements security measures to best protect your respondents’ data. With Eval&GO’s features, you can secure the organization of online votes by including access via username and password when members fill out the questionnaire. Additionally, for result visualization, Eval&GO also provides the option to protect the sharing link of your report with a password.

Eval&GO, a free online voting application

Are you an association, NGO, specific organization, cooperative, or group of individuals, looking to gather the opinions and feedback of your members? The free online voting application Eval&GO is here to meet that need!

Our online tool enables you to make democratic decisions through our free online voting system. Try our online application for free for 14 days. This trial period is designed to introduce you to the free online voting platform, its usability, and to evaluate your actual needs. You can collect 25 votes for free with the free online voting software Eval&GO. Beyond that, you have the option to either subscribe to a free account if the basic features are sufficient for you, or to a paid account to allow your members to vote with peace of mind.


How do I create a professional online voting form?

The Eval&GO online voting form enables you to carry out elections professionally. Find out how to vote online with our tool.

Create an online vote

To do so, simply create your questions within the creation module. You have a choice of about twenty question types, ranging from standard questions, such as single-choice (yes/no, for example), to signature questions allowing respondents to electronically sign the voting form. In your questionnaire, you also have the option to integrate evaluation-type questions, using emojis or stars to make your vote more engaging.

Send anonymous link

Create an online election and send an email to all your voters with a personal voting link. Eval&GO’s email sending platform allows you to send emails directly from the interface. You can import your contacts with their email addresses, generate unique and anonymous links for each respondent, and then create the email to send to them. Personalize this email by inserting the individual link for each voter. Organizing the vote becomes a breeze.

Automatic results

After the vote is finalized, it’s very simple! You don’t have to do anything; the results are automatically recorded in the application. As soon as a new voter responds to your voting form, the results update in real-time, and you can access your analyses from the results module. Depending on the type of question, your automatic report includes tables and graphs with conclusions. With your results, you are now able to make democratic decisions!

Eval&GO takes care of everything

The online voting application Eval&GO allows you to easily organize a vote for a few people as well as for dozens or hundreds of people.

Designed to assist student associations and other organizations in electing a council and/or gathering the opinions of their members, this tool is perfectly suited for remote voting.

Do you want to outsource your vote for confidentiality reasons? From creating and distributing the survey to tallying responses and providing a vote report, our team offers turnkey solutions.


Our solutions

The advanced features of Eval&GO software allow you to create any type of questionnaire, quiz, survey, test…


Evaluate the satisfaction of your customers or patients to better meet their expectations and needs.

Online Quiz

Offer entertaining quizzes to test knowledge or define profiles based on multiple criteria.

Payment form

Use a questionnaire with integrated payment form that updates based on the responses.

Online MCQ

Are you a teacher or a trainer? Opt for evaluations in the form of multiple-choice questionnaires.

Online form

Opt for an online form to manage registrations or collect data in compliance with GDPR.

Online assessment

Easily conduct a 360-degree assessment by surveying your colleagues within your company.

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