Eval&GO AI Service-Specific Terms

1. Feature Description

Eval&GO allows to create questionnaires via Artificial Intelligence: the user enters a request, and Eval&GO automatically generates a structured questionnaire.
To develop this feature, our team decided to use a French solution, Mistral AI.

To create a questionnaire with AI:

  • Click on “Create a questionnaire”
  • Select “Create with AI”
  • Enter a request in a free text field and click the button to generate the questionnaire
  • Modify and customize the questionnaire according to your needs

To ensure our tool best meets your request, clearly define the objective, provide the general context of the survey, be precise, and avoid ambiguity.

2. Limitations and Restrictions

  • Requests limited to 500 characters
  • Maximum 15 requests per 15 minutes
  • Functionality limited to adding questions (no integration of advanced features such as scoring, multilingual, timer…)
  • Do not use AI for prohibited activities such as developing competing models, data scraping, or generating spam
  • Adhere to the user commitments outlined in article 4.2 of Eval&GO’s terms of use

3. Confidentiality, Security, and GDPR

The description entered in the request is shared with Mistral AI. In this context, avoid including personal data, sensitive data, or health data. The request is also stored in our database for moderation purposes.

Once the questionnaire is built and integrated into the Eval&GO platform, it is protected by GDPR and completely independent of Mistral AI. You can then modify it as you wish, include any type of information, and collect personal data.

For more information on Eval&GO’s GDPR commitments:

4. Responsibility and Warranty

The generated results may not be accurate and should be manually evaluated and corrected. You agree not to rely on Eval&GO for professional advice (legal, medical, financial…).

Eval&GO does not guarantee continuous or error-free availability of the AI functionality and reserves the right to suspend or modify this feature for technical or security reasons.

The user is responsible for the accuracy, legality, and compliance of the generated questionnaires with applicable local and international laws and regulations.

The user retains intellectual property rights over the questionnaires generated through the AI functionality. However, Eval&GO may use anonymized aggregated data for service improvement purposes.

By using this feature, you agree to comply with these specific conditions, in addition to Eval&GO’s General Terms of Use.

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