Create your market study by asking your potential clients

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Create your market study by asking your potential clients

Do you know exactly what your reputation is? Maybe you want to see how effective your latest advert or logo has been? Survey your customers! They are the best positioned to tell you what they think about your products and service. Find out where most of your leads are coming from, so you know where to concentrate your marketing.

Identify action points that feed into strategic marketing plans. Capture customer feedback and build solid relationships to keep your customers happy with our satisfaction surveys. Analyze the data with ease – speeding up product development and gathering valuable feedback on everything from pricing to new product concepts and existing features. Improve your own marketing campaigns with feedback questionnaires and get the most from your websites, logos, packaging and adverts.
Create your market study by asking your potential clients

What are steps to create a market study?

Here are the 6 main steps to successfully build a market study:

5 mistakes to avoid when planning a market study


A wrong targeting of your market study might create wrong and unusable results.

Laws and rules

Be careful, some activity sector are highly impacted by laws and local juridictions.


Ask a fair amount of people to obtain good results that will represent your target market.


Be careful with the size of your survey. You have to find a good balance to create a complete survey, but not too long.


Don't be afraid to change your initial offer. A market study will bring knowledge that might push you to evolve your offer.

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