Start building stunning surveys here with Eval&GO, in our dynamic drag-and-drop interface. Customize everything down to the smallest details.

  • Question Types

    Over 20 question types, from multiple choice, to sliders, Likert scales and ranking to help you build the surveys you want.

  • Drag & Drop

    Our drag-and-drop interface makes survey creation smooth and user-friendly.

  • Look & Feel

    With over 200 customizable variables, you are in complete control of the look and feel of your survey. The possibilities are infinite for you to build a design that fits your image exactly!

  • Branching

    Using this technique during a questionnaire’s construction allows you to lead respondents around different parts of a questionnaire, according to how they have answered it so far. Make complex questionnaires fluid and dynamic!

  • Publish

    Publish your survey online, via email using our internal mailing system, embed it into a website, post to Facebook or Twitter and more!

  • Branding

    Add your logo, and customize the design to match yours! Have an introduction and thank you page, and add headers and footers to your surveys.

  • Administration

    Add a survey password, or limit the IP Address access. Even create custom URLs for your survey.


Our dedicated contact management service helps you to launch you survey to the right people, and to easily manage all your contacts.

  • Upload

    Upload long contact lists in one click, or copy paste your Excel spreadsheet.

  • Control Mailing Lists

    Create new mailing groups and lists, or duplicate existing ones. Add information to each contact.

  • Data Analyser

    Designed with our own custom-made algorithms, the Intuitive Data Analysis Engine (IDAE) is there to make the analysis of your data as easy as possible. Create custom graphs and tables and add them directly into your reports.

  • Tables

    Create tables of your data and display them next to graphs and charts in your report. Sort tables however you want, and change the data type and accuracy.

    Drag & Drop

    The Report Builder exists in a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, making it dynamic and easy for you to customize your reports to your liking.

  • Graphs

    Customize your graphs and charts, change the data types, graph options and colors. Then make them stand out in 3D, change their rotation, and more!

  • Filtering

    Filter and create sub-populations, and display them side by side in the same report for maximum effect in your results.


Thanks to our drag-and-drop interface, you can build and customize reports from your survey data, or generate them automatically with the IDAE! All your data and reports remain in real-time – so you are always up to date!

  • Multipage Reports

    Create multiple-page reports for a professional and organized look. Simply drag-and-drop pages around to keep your reports structured.

  • Export

    Export your full report to Word or as a PDF. You can also export your tables to Excel and your custom graphs to Powerpoint for presentations!

  • Report Layout

    Everything is drag-and-drop to save you time and hassle. Drag-and-drop your charts, tables, graphs, text and images around within your report until you’ve got the perfect layout.


Everything you need to follow up your surveys and the collection of your data is available with Eval&GO.

  • Follow-up Messages

    Easily relaunch your surveys or contact all of those that haven’t yet completed them.

  • Individual Responses

    View, modify or even delete individual responses.

  • Dropout / Time / Page

    See all the basic details of your survey at a glance, such as the dropout rate, average time spent per page and number of respondents, then alter your survey in real-time to maximize its efficiency!

  • Mobile Dashboard

    Get your survey stats on your iPad, tablet or Smartphone, and keep in touch with how your data collection is going anytime, anywhere.

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