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Evaluate knowledge using a quiz!

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Evaluate knowledge using a quiz!

Do you wish to evaluate your audience knowledge on a specific topic? You can our quiz functionality - Knowledge Evaluation on Eval&GO application.

With a quiz, you have the opportunity to evaluate your students or coworkers knowledge and skills.

Build an online questionnaire with points attribution for each question and get a total score for each reponsdant. Use condition reports to display the questionnaire total score to the respondant on the last page.
Evaluate knowledge using a quiz!

Simply analyse a big amount of test results

With our "Result" smart module, build an analysis report that includes all your test results. Find out which part of your test gave more difficulty to the respondants. Determine easily strenghts and weaknesses of your audience with a detailed report for each questions.

With the analysis report, observe results evolution, if knowledge improves or decreases.
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