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How to merge two surveys?

Merging surveys means that the questions from both surveys will be merged into a single, larger survey. The original surveys will no longer exist. If you want to keep the original surveys you must duplicate them before merging.

Merging surveys can allow you to analyze data collected in two similar but separate surveys, or from two identical surveys sent to two different groups. 


To do this : 

  • Go to  "My Surveys", 
  • Scroll the mouse over the title of the survey you want to merge
  • Then click on "Actions" and "Merge" .
  • A pop-up window will appear in which you can choose between the two surveys the "Primary Questionnaire" and the "To Merge".
  • Both respondents and questions from the merged survey will be added to the primary questionnaire
  • The "To merged" survey will be deleted and respondents will therefore be lost.

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