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How to use the comparative table analysis?

se the comparative table to compare responses using two selected filters.


To do this 

  • Go to “Results and data” 
  • Click on the report you want to edit or create a new one


Create 2 different filters  :

  • On the left of your report, click on “all” (above “apply filter”) then “manager population filters” 
  • Click on “add a filter” and give your filter a name
  • Choose your  filter among: Date filter, question filter, Individual Respondent filter”
  • Click on “save”


Now, create a new table or graph :

  • Click on “add a table” or “add a graph”
  • Go to “type of analysis” and select “comparative table”
  • In filter groups, select the two filters you want to compare
  • In “questions”, choose one or more questions to analyse
  • Then, select the type of analysis you need (number, %, average…)
  • Click on “Create”


Your comparative table is now created !