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How to display only selected answers (filters)?

The Customize Filter function allows you to exclude certain answers from your report, such as a date range, answers to selected questions or answers from selected respondents. 


You can apply filters to all your reports or to a specific element (graph or table).

How to create filters: 

  • Go to “Results and data” click on the report you want to filter. 
  • On the left, click on “all”, “apply filter” then “manager population filters” 
  • By clicking on “add a filter”, you can create your filter
  • Choose the filter you need from "Date filter, question filter, dynamic filter, complete response filter, individual respondent filter"
  • Click on “save”


Here's how to your filter to your report :

  • Click on "all" and select it.


Here’s how to apply your filter to a graph or table :

  • Click on the small blue pen to edit your graph or table
  • Click on “options”.
  • In “Population filter group”,  select your filter.
  • Then click on “create”