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What is the URL pre-filling?

The Pre-population feature allows you to answer the question that you already have the information. It saves your respondents’ time or allow them verify their own information in the questionnaire.

You can add hidden questions with a pre-population to your survey to answer them for your respondents. 

Include this information in your reports for further analysis.


URL pre-filling requires adding information to the URL of your questionnaire before sending it to your client. This works only with questions such as text, numeric, Name/Surname or Email).


To do this:

  • Go to "Publishing Module"
  • Click on « Pre-population » and select « URL ».
  • Use the drop down menu to select the question you want to pre-fill. 
  • Rename your question simply in the "Name of the variable” field.

E.g. if your question is « What is your email address ? »  rename it as « email ».

  • Then click  « add ». 
  • In URL link displayed, replace the word « EXAMPLE » with the pre-filled answer. 

E.g. add « » to the email question. 


Once your pre-population via URL is complete ! 

Share this survey link with your respondent. 

Repeat this process if necessary, and add additional information based on your respondents.