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How do I insert external content into my questionnaire?

You can add images, gifs, url link, videos and also music to your questionnaire.

How To add images or gifs :

You can add images to questions, responses, introduction or thank you pages and even to reports.

  • When you edit your question, click on the blue "Text (line)"  and select "Text (paragraph)". 
  • Click on "Insert/edit image" and download the image in "Source".
  • Click on "Upload", and then "Add files" and "Upload". 
  • Close the window and select your picture in "My folder". 
  • And finally, click on "Insert". 

Follow the same instructions for the other parts of your survey.


How to add an URL link :

  • When you edit your question, click on the blue "Text (line)"  and select "Text (paragraph)".
  • Click on "Insert/edit link". 
  • Copy/paste your URL and insert a text to display (optional).
  • With the “target” button, choose if you want your URL to open in a new window or in the current window.


How to add videos and music :

You can insert your videos and music in your question, introduction or thank you page using these instructions :

  • Select the question "item" and "add text/html".
  • Click on “tools”  and “source code”.
  • Copy/paste the embed code provided by the website (such as Youtube, Spotify) into the text field.
  • Click on "OK".
  • And then click on "Save".

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