You can get creative using the fully-customizable Look & Feel generator. They’re your surveys, so they should reflect your style, brand, and image! There are over 200 customizable variables, with a phenomenal color spectrum and font list at your fingertips. You can even upload your own wallpapers or background images to be used within the survey.

Over 50 prepared design themes are available to you, which you can then fully customize. And we mean fully customize – with more than 200 variables to edit, you’re sure to find a look that really suits your survey and your brand.

You’ll have access to the Eval&GO Theme library. Here you’ll find all the pre-made themes as well as your own themes once you’ve created them.

Copy a theme and then customize it to suit your requirements. Save time by adding it to your own Custom themes folder to re-use later.

Change over 200 aspects of your survey’s look and feel – from the background color of the survey through to the color of the cursor in slider questions.

Add your logo and custom your online survey design to fit your brand guideline ! Add an introduction page and thank you page, and custom template's header and footer.

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