Create stunning surveys

Create stunning surveys

Online surveys are everywhere – everyone wants feedback and opinions and what’s worse is they want it right now! Luckily you’re using Eval&GO and creating attractive online surveys with a rich array of interactive questions to keep your audience engaged has never been easier. Get your data back in real-time to complete your online report and you’re ready to present your results then and there!

No number-crunching or design skills needed!
Create stunning surveys that you’ll be proud of!
Unlimited options to create and perfect your questionnaires to fit your needs!

Creating attractive surveys

Create stunning survey templates that fit your brand and add images and video to questions. With over 20 question types you can get precisely the data you want. Use slider questions with custom colors and emoticons or add a ranking question with interactive response.

The possibilities are virtually infinite!

We’ve made survey creation ultra user-friendly – you can create and publish a survey in less than 60 seconds!

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