Report builder

Report builder

Your survey report needs to look spectacular and professional and there’s no room for compromise. For you, Eval&GO created a fully inclusive Report Builder. Thanks to the drag-and-drop interface you are in full control of the content and layout! You can even automatically generate reports in one click – saving you time and hassle!
Fully customizable reports with an ultra-professional finish.
Survey reports with real-time response data.
Use drag-and-drop to create the perfect report layout in seconds.

Report Customization

You can do a whole lot more than just change chart colors to customize your report – add pages, choose from a vast range of graph types, add text, change font and optimize the layout, and so much more! You can make the report you want and be proud to share it!

Real-time Data

Reports are constantly updated with response data in real-time. And you can choose how to export or publish your report without having to edit it at all.

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