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Publish online survey

Publish your online survey based on your audience... anonymous link, named link, social medias (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...) email, website integration. Collect your answers from wherever your respondants are.

Customize email text and design to communicate your survey link with your branding and custom message. Personalize your email with data such as their name.

A test link allows you to test and complete your survey without saving test responses. Share it with your team members to get approval without having to delete their answers in post-processing. (Just make sure not to share it with actual respondents!)

Send your survey link via an HTML email, either to an individual respondent or a mailing list. Using our internal mailing system you can collect nominative data to tie the results back to each individual on your contact list.

Publish Settings

Sending an anonymous survey? Make sure that respondents don’t respond several times to the same survey by limiting multiple submissions from the same IP address.

Define the time period during which your survey can be completed. Your survey is live for an indefinite period by default.

Use your surveys to communicate your brand, with the addition of a logo to your survey.

Feel secure in the knowledge that only the respondents you invited to complete the survey can respond. Protect your survey with a password, limiting access to invitees with whom you’ve shared the password.

Embedding Options

Embed your survey into a pop-up which appears when respondents visit a specified website page.

Embed your survey into your website or blog by using the Iframe code provided.

Get feedback on your website with a pop-up survey that you can embed on any page. A “Feedback” tab appears on your page in the position your specify.

Embed your survey into your website or blog using the Javascript code provided.

Let your network know about your survey by tweeting your survey link.

Let your friends know about your surveys by posting the survey link and a message to your Facebook Wall. Ask them to Like and Share to get as many answers as possible.

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