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Data analyser

Data analyser

With Eval&GO, there is no need to be a number-cruncher or expert in spreadsheet manipulation.
Meaningful data analysis without advanced spreadsheet skills.
Advanced number crunching without the headaches!
Drag-and-drop interface for speed and usability.

Intuitive and fully inclusive

No more exporting data to other formats to analyze your results, simply drag-and-drop the data and let our Intuitive Data Analysis Engine do the rest! Our software is fully inclusive and calculates a lot more than simply percentages and number counts.

Analyze with our Drag & Drop interface

Using drag-and-drop technology, you’ll glide through your analysis – decide which question you want to analyze, what type of analysis you want to perform and in two clicks generate your graph or table, ready to be added to the report!

Graph types

Data types

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