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How do l allow my respondents to upload a document?

You respondents can upload a file to their questionnaire using the “file upload” question.


The following formats are accepted : png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, odt, doc, csv, zip, bmp or gif.  


To insert this question into your survey :

 Click on “Advanced question” then “file upload”. 


Note : If you want your respondent to upload multiple files, you must add one question per file.


To obtain the attachments, several options are available :


  • Go to  “Results and data” => “Individual data”, click on the little eye next to your respondent. The attachments are represented by a blue link. Click to download it.


  • Go to “Results and data”, open your automatic report and access the relevant page. A list of all files can be found here. 


  • Add a new table in your report. Select your “file upload” question and a text analysis and click on “create”. This table will display all the files.

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