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How to create a questionnaire in several languages?

The PRO+ and PRO+ team accounts allow you to create a multilingual survey.


Here is how to: 

  • Go to “My Surveys”, click and select your survey. 
  • Go to “Edit”, click on  “Advanced”, then '”Multilingual”.
  • Check in the right column, add a target language by clicking on the green “+” button.
  • Give your language a name such as “Portuguese” and click “add”.
  • Enter the translated text by clicking on the words and sentences then click “OK”. 
  • When translated, texts turn green.  


The translation includes the elements of the Eval&GO interface such as buttons, etc.

A progress bar at the top of the page indicates what remains to be done.

Once the translation is complete, you can repeat the translation process with your next language

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