How to get more answers with a student account?

You can collect up to 100 responses with a Student account.

However, it is possible to get more responses! 

- You can get a 500 responses pack directly from your account.

- You can refer a student to have access to 50 additional responses. 


The 500 responses pack

You can opt for our 500 responses pack for only 9,90 €.

You only need to click on the banner on the top right of your account saying "Unlock more responses", then click on "buy a pack" and to follow the payment instructions. 





How to become a refferer ?


The user of the Eval&GO account invites one or many referrals (up to 10) to sign up to an Eval&Go account by one of those means at their disposal: 

  • A personal referral invitation link.

  • A referral invitation to share on the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. 

  • A promotional invitation banner to add to your website or blog page.


What should a referral do?

The referral needs to sign up for a student account by clicking on the link/banner the sponsor would has sent to them. The referral can also register directly from the student page of the website by entering the email associated with the student account of their sponsor.

The referral must be unknown to Evalandgo's services and must have a legitimate interest in using our services. The referral must meet the following conditions:

  • They must be student and must currently at University or in a School. 

  • They agree to use the student account exclusively for non-commercial use (thesis or research project exclusively).

  • Be active on your account for a minimum of three days. Being active means that the referral must have regular activity on the Evalandgo application in order to create a questionnaire, modify and optimize it, publish this questionnaire and collect responses as well as analyze the responses collected.

If the referral's profile turns out to be legitimate, then the referrer will receive an additional 50 responses. The refferal, meanwhile, will be assigned 20 additional answers.

Warning : Eval&GO carries out the necessary checks concerning the refferal. The account is likely to be definitively closed without appeal and without prior warning if the proof is made that you do not respect these conditions.