What are the conditions for using our 14 days Trial account?

We offer you this 14 days Trial Account to allow you to test all the advanced features of Eval&GO.

For this trial period, your account is limited to 25 responses. All questionnaires created during this period will therefore be subject to this limit.

At the end of the 14 days trial period, the account will be automatically converted into a FREE unlimited account. You will receive an email before your trial period expires.

When using a FREE account, you can not access to advanced features. 

Howerver, you can upgrade your account anytime by choosing our full-option PRO or PRO+ account. 


Be Careful:


  • If you don’t subscribe to our Professional PRO or PRO+ account, all the questionnaires created during the trial period will be locked and you will no longer be able to access them. These questionnaires and the associated data are saved in your account even if they are no longer accessible. May you decide to upgrade those questionnaires later, their data will be unlocked and you will have full access to our advanced features.
  • If you decided to keep your FREE unlimited account, you will have access to all of our standard features and can collect up to 150 responses per month.