How to export the document of my respondents?

You have the possibility to ask your respondents to upload a file in your questionnaire. Click HERE to see how to do that. 

Then, you have two ways to download the files uploaded by your respondents:

1- From your reports 

- Click on the automatic report in the "Results" unit. 
- Go to the report page related to the download question. 
- You will see all the documents uploaded in your table. 
- Click on the name of the document to download it on your computer.


You can also create your own table:

- Click on "Add a table"
- In the "Question" box, select the question(s) of your choice related to the download 
- In the "Type of analysis" box, select "Text" 
- Click on "Create"


2- From the Individual Data

- In the "Results" unit of your questionnaire, click on the "Individual Data" tab. 
- Click on the icon of the eye located in the "Options" column to open the answers of the respondent you want to dowload the file from.
- Go to the question related to the download and click on the name of the document to download the file on your computer. 

Note : The files uploaded by your respondents are not displayed in the CSV export of your individual data. 

These files can only be retrieved by the user of the Eval&GO account, when they are connected to the application.