How do I create conditionals in my report ?

Eval&GO allows users to show or hide elements in their report based on certain answers or a score.

In a dynamic report ( displayed after completing the survey), the user can show respondents different comments based on their profile, their score or whether their answers are correct or not.

As a result, your respondents can only see comments related to their individual answers.

It is a great tool if you choose to create a quiz or personality test. 


To do this : 

- Go to “results and data” 

- Click on the report you want to edit or create a new one

- Click on “logics”, a blue button at the top right of your element.

- Select “Show this element in your report, under the following condition(s):”

- Click on “add a logic”

- Set up your condition by choosing a type of analysis, a question (or a score or group of question) and a value.

-Click “confirm”. A crossed-out eye appears above your item


Clicking on “preview” to test your logic

Note : In the case of a dynamic report, you must use the survey link (publication menu) to test your logic.