How to receive an email for each new response?

You can receive an email for each new answer to your questionnaire using PRO+ or PRO+ team subscriptions.


To do this : 

  • Go to “edit” 
  • Click on “surveys settings” and  then on “intro/outro”
  • Tick “Receive an email for each new response to this questionnaire”

 You can edit the text you want.

Be careful : To automatically insert the title of your survey or report, don’t delete the variable [$-TitleSurvey-$] [$-LinkReport-$] .


To add the online report to the mail :

  • Simply select using the drop-down menu.
  • Then, validate your options


To receive respondent's online report :

  • Go to your questionnaire “results and data”
  • Click “add report”
  • You can choose the automatic report or create your own manual report
  • Then, create your dynamic filter. This allows you to keep only the answers of the respondent concerned. 
  • Click  on “all”  below “apply filter” and “ manage population filters”
  • Name your filter and tick on “dynamic filter”
  • Save your filter.

Once you have selected your report in the email alert, don’t forget to add your dynamic filter in the drop down menu.


Then, validate your options.