Why is the emailing platform currently blocked on my account?

Sending emails from the Eval&GO platform means trusting an online reputation system that defines whether you are potentially considered a "spammer" or not.

When you send your questionnaire from our emailing platform, our service provider performs checks.

Those checks are about selecting randomly 50 email addresses from your recipients list. If you get more than 10% of error (invalid, erroneous addresses, which do not exist ...), the emailing platform is blocked and the following message appears:  


Your access to the delivery unit is blocked

You have too many incorrect email addresses to continue your email delivery. Therefore, we have blocked your access to the emailing unit. To have access again, please contact technical support at the following email address: support@evalandgo.com

First of all, we invite you to send an email to the technical support to unlock your emailing platform. Then, you can go to your "My contacts" tab. By clicking on the gray "Export" button on the right, you can export the list of the blocked email addresses. You also have the possibility to filter your contacts by clicking on "Filter" and on "Blocked". You can then delete your contacts in error. 

Note : When deleting the error, the email address associated with will also be deleted from your contacts list. 

Note : It is important to verify that your contacts list is qualified before attempting to send again. Check that your email addresses exist, that there are not invalid, erroneous or mispelled. 

Those security measures are taken to avoid any spamming risk, which would compromise our online reputation as well as all the other Eval&GO users.