Generate automatic anonymous and unique survey links

With a PRO+ or PRO+ Team account, you can create unique and anonymous links to you survey for each of your respondents.

In general, you make sure to have only one response per person while collecting anonymous responses.


To generate your unique and anonymous links:

-Get to the “Publish” module of your survey

-From the “Survey link”, click on “Unique and anonymous links generator” on the bottom right side of the screen

-Indicate the number of links you wish to generate. You can generate a batch of maximum 1000 links.

-Click on “Generate

-You will receive a CSV file (automatically downloaded on your computer) in which you will find the list of the anonymous and unique links required.

You can now share a survey link which is different of each respondent to receive a response.


Note By generating these unique links, you will have new respondents that will appear on charts in the following modules: “Follow-up” and “Results & data” > “Individual Data” tab. These respondents will be saved according to the status “not started” until they have not started answering your survey.