How to add a login and/or password to my questionnaire?

In My Surveys, click on Publish 

In the Publishing Options tab, check the «Password Access» box or the « login to the questionnaire » box.

You can choose a «global password» or a «contact password».

Enter your global password directly. 

If you tick “password per contact “, these passwords must be imported into your contact manager (as well as the login).

Passwords/logins can automatically be entered in emails sent to your respondents.

To do this :  check the 'Insert Password in “emails” or « Insert the user code in email ». 


Note that without these passwords or logins, your respondents cannot access your questionnaire.


To import your passwords and logins into your contact manager : 

  • Click on « contact manager ».
  • Select « CSV import » tab and import your contacts.
  • Your file must contain email addresses, login and/or passwords. This means that you must assign a password/login for each contact.
  • Note that the layout of your CSV must always be in the same order as the application.
  • Check the box « With header line»  if you have one in your file and the applicable boxes .
  • Click on « import » and « add » and select your profile. 

Your contacts are now imported !


For your information :

Using a login : You can import a login list into Eval&GO (they don’t need to be associated with contacts). 

To do this :

  • Click on "CSV import"
  • Click the "Login code" and import your file.

Please provide a personal access code for each respondent. 

Each login can be used once.

This is recommended if you use the survey link to publish your questionnaire and wish to collect only one answer per person.