How to send an email from our platform?

Sending your questionnaire through Eval&GO allows you to collect personal data.


To do this: 

Go to “Publish” 

Click on “Email”. 

You can publish your survey by sending an email to an individual or to a group of contacts.

Click  the selected option then tick the corresponding boxes of your contact or groups and confirm.

Then add the text that will be included in your email invitation. 

 You can also change the Survey Subject Field and the name that appears in the "From" field which your email recipients will see in their mailbox. 

It is important not to change any of the merge tags such as [$-link-$] or [$-surveyName-$] as this will prevent you from collecting certain personal data.


Remember to always send your email to your own mailbox before sending it to your respondents to ensure its exactly how you want it or to save changes you have made.