What is an email report?

Eval&GO uses an external provider to verify each email sent from our platform.

These actions are taken to prevent Eval&GO’s email spam. 

After sending your questionnaire, an error message may appear in the publication menu, in “mail”.

This means that the platform is currently blocked due to errors detected in your mailing list (spelling error, false or invalid address etc.)


To access the email platform again, you must empty your mail report.


To do this :

  • Go to “Contact Manager”
  • Click on  “Mail report” 
  • Then click on the “Delete” button at the top right of the page.


Important : Make sure that your mailing list contain valid addresses before using our platform. Otherwise, your online reputation could be negatively impacted and your emails could be delivered as spams.

This could also impact Eval&GO online users’ reputation.