How to create a quiz with the new interface "My quizzes"

Eval&GO launches a new interface to create quizzes and assessment tests.

This new interface named « My quizzes » allows you as of now to create quizzes very easily.

Hereafter is the guide to how to create a quiz with this new interface

Create a new quiz

- Click on « New quiz »

- Give a name to your quiz and click on « Validate »


1st step :  Create and customize your quiz


The "Edit" module allows you to add your questions, your pages and to set up your quiz features.


  • Create a question 

1. Click on "New question"

2. Choose your question type 

Multiple choice : only one possible response
Checkbox : more than one possible response
Form : allows us you ask information concerning your respondents (email, last name, first name, number, text, phone number)


3. Enter the wording of the question and the wordings of your response choices.
You can customize the text, add some pictures, url links etc…

4. Move your choices thanks to the arrows on the left side of each choice (drag / drop)

5. The bouton "New choice" allows you to add different response choices


  • Quiz options

The switch "Quiz options" allows you to show all specific options required to create a quiz or a test.

1. Indicate the correct choice(s) by clicking on the switch on the right side of your response choices.


2. Indicate the number of points to assign for the question (in case a correct choice is selected). 



3. Set up the correction for the question

You can display the corrections to your questions after each question is answered by your participants or display the mat the end of the quiz.

OPTION N°1 : To display the corrections after each question is answered by your participants:

  • Activate the option  « Display of the corrections after validating the question (Right/wrong answer) »

This option allows to display the corrections after each question. Right and wrong answers will be pointed through a check symbol and a cross symbol and your respondent will see the text  « Right answer» or « Wrong answer » appear.
Note : If you have several questions on the same page, the corrections will be displayed once the whole page has been validated.


  • You can also activate the option « Add a customized text after correction display »

It is a customized text that will be displayed below the correction «Right or wrong answer »).
This text allows you to give some more information or an explanation for each question, if required. You can personalize this text by changing the font and by adding pictures.



OPTION N°2 : To display the corrections only at the end of the quiz:

  • Uncheck the option « Display of the corrections after validating the question (Right/wrong answer) »
  • In the « Closing page », activate the option « Display the corrections »

  • If you want to display a customized text linked to your corrections on the closing page only, you have to activate the option « Add a customized text after the correction display » in each question.

  • The form question

The form question allows you to collect data regarding your respondents : first name, last name, mail, text, number, phone number.


1. Select the data type you want to collect thanks to the drop menu Choisissez le type d'information que vous voulez collecter à l'aide du menu déroulant


2. Indicate the wording of the question
You can write for instance : Your name, age, company name…

3. Slide the option « Link to the respondent » on the right side if you wish to identify your respondent later in the results module.
Only 3 specific data can be linked to your respondents : first name, last name, mail.

4. Click on sur « New field » to add a new choice and collect this data

Important :
If you are collecting personal data through the form question, slide the option « I am collecting personal data ».


This will allow you to fill in the form regarding the processing of personal data through Eval&GO surveys. This data will be available by your respondents when they answer this question. Doing so will allow you to comply with GDRP regulation.
You can edit and fill in this form at any time by clicking on the « Personal data protection » since the « Edit module ».

  • Options linked to the questions

Click on the 3 dots on the right side of your question to display its options.


  • Edit : allows you to edit your question.
  • Switch pages : you can move a question on another page once you have at least 2 pages in your survey.
  • Copy : allows you to copy your question and gain time.
  • Delete: be careful, you cannot undo your deletion and you will eventually loose responses you have already collected.


  • The pages

You can add as many pages as you want in your quiz. This might be helpful if you have many questions to ask, if you want to create different sections or if you want to display only one question per page. 

  • Click on « New page » on the left side
  • Move your pages as you want with a drag and drop
  • Move a question already created to another page by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the question


  • Logo

Click on the button « Add a logo » on the top of the page to download your picture.
Your logo will be displayed on the top of the page on the left side in your quiz.


  • Title in the header

Click on « Add a title in the header » to indicate the title of your quiz.
This title will be displayed on the top of the page on the right side in your quiz.



  • Footer

Click on « Add a footer » to set up a message that will appear at the bottom of each page of your quiz.


  • Delete Eval&GO brand

While activating this option, you can delete our brand in the url link and on the bottom page of your quiz. Therefore, Eval&GO will not be mentionned in your quiz.


  • Introduction page

Click on « Introduction page » to set up a message that will be displayed before launching the quiz.


  • Closing page

For all quizzes, the end page has a thank you message, a button to share on social media and the final score on the total points (only if you have activated the quiz options in at least one question).
Click on « Closing page » to set up the display options of this page.

1. Add a thank you message
You can edit and customize the thank you message as you wish.


2. Display a final score in points
You can display the score obtained by your respondent out of 10, out of 20 or out of the total points you have set up in your quiz.


3. Display a final score in percentage
This percentage is calculated according to the maximum score possible to obtain.

4. Add a customized text according to the respondent’s score

You can set up customized texts according to the score obtained by your respondent : a profile type, recommandations or just a « BRAVO » message.
> Indicate the score range (in points) in which the respondent is situated to visualise your customozed text (for instance 0 to 5) d
> Enter your text
> Click on « Add » to set up a new range with a new customized text.

5. Add un bouton to share on social media
You can allow your respondents to share your quiz directly on social media.


6. Add a link to relaunch the quiz
Your participants can answer the quiz only once thanks to the cookies on their web browser. Nevertheless, you can add a button on the page to allow them to respond again.

7. Display the corrections
This button allows you permet d’afficher les corrections ( « bonne réponse » et « mauvaise réponse » ainsi que vos éventuels commentaires de correction).



It is possible to set up a time limit to answer your quiz by adding a timer.

1. Click on the tab « timer »


2. Set a timer for the overall quiz or for each page, individually.
The time must be set in seconds.

The timer will be displayed on top of the page of your quiz for your respondents.
At the end of the allocated time, you will no longer be able to answer the questions on the current page (in case you set up a timer per page) or to the rest of the following questions (in case you set up a timer for the overall quiz).

Note : you will be able to visualise the response time of each participant in the « results » module, « results per respondent » tab.


In the « Design » tab, you can choose the main color for your quiz (background, wordings of the questions, buttons of the quiz interface).


2st step : Test your quiz in the «Preview» module

In the « Preview » module, you can test your quiz before sharing it to your participants.
This will allow you to check if all your questions are well created.
The responses you will generate from the preview module will be available in your results and will carry the text « answered during preview mode ».

You will be able to delete all these responses in the « Results » module, in the « Results per respondent » tab by clicking on the red button « Delete responses answered during preview mode ».


3rd step : Publish your quiz to your participants

You have different methods to share your quiz :


You can share this same link to all your participants. It can be sent by mail, shared on a website or on social media. This link allows you to coIlect anonymous responses (unless you have asked your respondents questions about their identity).



These icons allow you share directly your quiz on facebook and twitter or access your mailbox to send the quiz by mail.




Click on the QR code to download it on your computer. By flashing your QR code, your participants will access your quiz.



4th step : Analyze your results

The « results » module allows you to visualise global statistics regarding your quiz, your results per question or results per respondent.



The summary page presents data and global statistics for all your respondents.

  •  Total number of responses collected in time.
  •  Number of respondents in total and the breakdown between the finished quizzes and the ones in progress.


  • The average response time is calculated on all responses collected. This allows you to know how much time in average your participants have spent on your quiz.

  • The pages chart indicates the number of respondents for each pages of your quiz, the average response time spent on each page and the dropout rate.


  • If you have assigned points to your questions, you will obtain a minimum score and a maximum score and the average score in points and percentage among your respondents.


For each question of your quiz, you have a chart and a graph presenting the results.

You will see the breakdown in number and percentage of responses collected from your participants.



In this tab, you can visualize the list of all your respondents.

  • Start date : indicates the date when your participant started to answer your quiz
  • Filling : indicates if the respondent has finished filling or it’s in progress
  • Preview mode : indicates if the quiz has been answered during preview mode or in « real conditions »
  • First name, last name, mail : this is your respondent’s data and it will appear only if you have used the « form » question and if you have selected the option « link to the respondent »
  • Score and percentage : indicates the score obtained by the respondent in points and in percentage
  • View détails : this bouton allows you to visualize the details of the responses given by your respondent, question per question with his/her response time.