How to create a quiz or an assessment with a score ?

Here are the steps to follow to create a quiz with Eval&GO  :

  1. Create your questionnaire and add-on your questions
  2. Determine your rating and assign your scores
  3. Create a report that shows up at the end with the respondent's answers 
  4. Publish your quiz
  5. Analyze the results of your quiz 


1. Create your questionnaire and add-on your questions

Please note that it is important to think about the results you need before adding-up questions. Eacfh question show difrrent analysis and results. 

  • To assign scores : use multiple choice or checkbox questions
  • To show average scores : use scale, slider, rating or emoticon questions.

Note: You can also add a timer to your questionnaire.


2. Determine your rating and assign your scores. 

You can assign a score to your multiple choice or checkbox questions.

To do so:

  • Click on the small blue pen located at the top-righ-hand corner of the question
  • Tick  « Score » in the options section
  • You can now assign a score ranking from 0 and 10 for each response choice, thanks to the drop menu "Score" 

If you want to assign negative scores or scores higher than 10, you can use multiscoring. This advanced feature helps assign different scores and assess your respondents following specific criteria. Multiscoring feature is often used to create personality tests. 


If you want your respondents to visualize correct and wrong answers when they fill-in the questionnaire : 

  • Create only one question per page 
  • Add a page in between each question, then add an "item text" question. 

These items will help you insert texts as "Correct answer" and '"Wrong answer" .

For instance, if the respondent ticked the correct answer, you would display the text : "Correct answer".

  • Remember to remove the "back" button to avoid your respondent to go to previous pages and change his or her answers ("edit" => "survey settings" => "advanced").


Here is an exemple of a quiz displaying this set-up :


3. Create a report that shows up at the end with the respondent's answers

The dynamic report is a report that shows up when your respondent fills in your questionnaire and clicks on the "END"button. 

This report only shows the respondent's answers. In this report, you can for example: 

  • Display the respondent's total score or a recap of his or her answers.
  • Add text items to state which are the correct and wrong answers.
  • Display different texts according to the score obtained by the respondent and its profile (logics on report).



4. Publish your quiz

On Eval&GO, we offer different publishing options to share your questionnaire, depending on whether you want to collect anonymous or nominative answers.

For anonymous answers, you can :

  • Use the link of the questionnaire located in the "publish" section 
  • Use the QR code
  • Integrate your questionnaire on your website (embed)

For nominative answers, you can : 

  • Use our email platform to send your questionnaire directly to your contacts 
  • Use the link of the questionnaire located in the "publish" section.

In the second case, remember to add a question "information" of first name/ last name type and tick " Add the respondent in Contacts".