Receive an alert based on the answers of my respondents?

With the PRO+ or PRO+ team subscription, you can receive an email for each new answer to your questionnaire. 

This notification applies exceptionally only if you assign a request for an alert to your email. For example, if your respondent responded negatively or incorrectly (for a quiz), or if he or she wishes to be called back or register for your loyalty program.


To do this:

  • Go to “ edit”,
  • Click on “surveys settings”  and then “intro/outro”
  • Tick on the box “Receive an email for each new response to this questionnaire” 
  • You can edit the text you want and add your recipients.
  •  With the drop down menu below “ Send an email if” : you’ll have an opportunity to choose the question and your status.
  • Don’t forget to validate your options !