NEW VERSION - How can I allow my respondents to answer my survey more than once?

By default, respondents can only answer once to a survey created on the New version of Eval&GO. This is an advantage for questionnaires requiring only one response, such as online voting, quizzes, certain satisfaction surveys... However, in some cases, you may need to collect multiple responses from each of your respondents. Here's how to give your contacts the opportunity to answer your questionnaire more than once.


Survey published anonymously

You have the possibility to collect anonymous data by publishing your survey in different ways: url link, QR code, embed code, social media. 

In order for your respondents to answer more than once, go to the "Edit" unit and click on "Closing Page". Then, activate the Add a Link to Relaunch the Questionnaire option. All that's left is to click on "Validate".

Once your respondents will be done answering your survey, a relaunch link will be displayed on the closing page. 



Survey sent from the Eval&GO sending platform

Our sending platform gives you the possibility to send a unique and personnal link to each of your contacts. However, you can able your contact to answer more than once to your survey sent from the sending platform (feature available with a PRO+ account).

In order to do that:

  • Go to the Publish unit and Email tab
  • Click on New email campaign
  • Set your email  (name of the sender, subject, theme, contacts...)
  • Activate the Allow multiple responses option (available with a PRO+ account)

All that's left to do is send it off! Once your respondent has completed the questionnaire the first time, they will see a link enabling them to relaunch the questionnaire and answer it again.