How do I assign points to my answers?

You can add the rating to multiple-choice questions or checkboxes when creating or editing a question.

The score can be used to add positive coefficients, to some of the responses in your survey. 


To do this :

  • Add a new multiple choice or checkbox question in your survey or edit one by clicking on the little blue pen at the top right.
  • In your question options, tick on  “score”
  • Use a drop-down menu displayed to select your score between 0 to 10.
  • Then click on “Save”


To view scores in reports and analysis :

  • Go to “Results and data”
  • Click on the report you want to edit
  • Create a new item (table or graph) or edit one by clicking on the “little blue pen”.
  • Go to “question”and select your question. 
  • Select one or more scoring analyses.


Note : With PRO+ and PRO+ team accounts, you can benefit from the multiscoring function. 

With the multi scoring function, you can add one or more scores to your choices according to the specific criteria you define. 

This allows you to add both positive and negative scores (greater than 10).

Multiscoring works with multiple choice, checkboxes but also 2D Matrix.