7 Reasons to Implement an Online Questionnaire in Pharmacies

7 Reasons to Implement an Online Questionnaire in Pharmacies

Table of Contents

- Customer Satisfaction in the Pharmacy: The Importance of Quality Service
- 7 Reasons to Implement an Online Questionnaire in Pharmacies
- 6 Advantages of Using Eval&GO to Create Your Online Satisfaction Questionnaire


Customer Satisfaction in the Pharmacy: The Importance of Quality Service

The pharmaceutical industry is an essential component of the healthcare sector, playing a crucial role in providing medications and advice to customers. At the heart of this industry lies the pharmacy, a place where patients go to get their prescription medications as well as professional advice and healthcare services.

In this context, customer satisfaction in pharmacies is of paramount importance as it ensures not only patient loyalty but also the quality of care provided to them. It goes beyond just the commercial transaction and encompasses the relationship between the pharmacist and the patient, as well as the overall experience the patient has during their visit. Therefore, it is important to ensure a positive experience for the customer. Empathetic communication and active listening are essential skills for establishing a trusting relationship with patients and contributing to their satisfaction.

Using an online questionnaire to measure customer satisfaction in pharmacies

An online questionnaire is a convenient, flexible, and effective method for gathering customer feedback while maintaining their anonymity. Online satisfaction surveys offer pharmacies a practical, efficient, and cost-effective way to collect information about customer satisfaction, improve the customer experience, and make data-driven decisions.


Here are 7 reasons to implement an online questionnaire in pharmacies:

1. Real-time feedback collection

Online questionnaires allow pharmacies to quickly and easily gather information about customer satisfaction. Customers can fill out the questionnaire immediately after their visit, ensuring fresher and more accurate feedback. One easy way to implement this is by providing QR codes that customers can scan in the pharmacy.

2. Improving the customer experience

By understanding customer expectations and needs through satisfaction surveys, pharmacies can identify areas where they need to improve. This can include aspects such as reception, customer service, waiting times, product availability, etc. The survey results help implement targeted corrective measures to enhance the overall customer experience.

3. Anonymity and confidentiality

Customers may feel more comfortable expressing their true opinions anonymously when filling out an online questionnaire. This promotes transparency and obtains honest and valuable information about their satisfaction.

4. Adapting product and service offerings

Online satisfaction surveys help gather information about the products and services most appreciated by customers, as well as those that could be improved or added. This helps pharmacies adjust their product range, offer new services, or improve existing ones based on customer needs and demands.

5. Measuring customer loyalty

Online satisfaction surveys can include questions aimed at assessing customer loyalty to the pharmacy. This helps measure their level of commitment and identify key factors that influence their loyalty. Pharmacies can take measures to strengthen the relationship with loyal customers and implement tailored loyalty programs.

6. Tracking progress

By regularly using online satisfaction surveys, pharmacies can track changes in customer satisfaction over time. This allows them to measure the impact of implemented improvements, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

7. Saving time and resources

Online satisfaction surveys automate the data collection process, saving time and reducing costs compared to traditional methods such as in-person or telephone surveys.


The 6 advantages of using Eval&GO to create your online satisfaction questionnaire

Eval&GO is a 100% online French application that allows you to create various types of questionnaires, including satisfaction surveys, with just a few clicks. Here are its advantages:

- An easy and intuitive application to create the structure of your questionnaires, offering a wide range of question types (single and multiple choices, scales, emoticons, matrices, etc.), text elements, and the ability to insert images and links.

- A design creation module that allows you to customize your questionnaires and make them more attractive to your customers.

- GDPR compliance for data collection and processing, with data hosted in France. Our application also complies with HDS (Health Data Hosting) requirements.

- The ability to collect anonymous responses, allowing respondents to answer honestly while ensuring their confidentiality.

- Reaching a broad customer base by sharing your questionnaires through various channels, including QR codes automatically generated by our application. You can print them and place them in different locations within your pharmacy, providing a convenient way for customers to respond to your questionnaire using their smartphones. Online questionnaires can also be sent via email, shared on social networks, or embedded on your pharmacy's website, reaching a wide audience and obtaining a representative sample of customers.

- Easy analysis of collected data. Eval&GO offers automated response processing tools, allowing you to quickly generate detailed reports and statistical analyses. The obtained results help pharmacists identify strengths, areas for improvement in their service, detect potential issues, and make strategic decisions based on concrete data.


Customer satisfaction in pharmacies is of paramount importance to ensure a positive experience and customer loyalty. Using online questionnaires with Eval&GO provides an effective approach to measure and improve customer satisfaction in pharmacies. This allows pharmacists to gather valuable information, tailor their services to their customers' needs, and continuously enhance their experience by offering appropriate solutions. By placing customer satisfaction at the core of their practice, pharmacies can strengthen their reputation, retain their customer base, and ensure long-term success.