5 steps to create a free interactive quiz

5 steps to create a free interactive quiz


- 5 use cases of online quizzes
- The 5 steps to creating a free interactive quiz

A quiz is an interactive activity that involves asking questions and having participants answer them. It has long been used as a means to test knowledge, check understanding of a subject, or create a fun and educational experience. Quizzes can take various forms, ranging from multiple-choice questions to short-answer questions, as well as questions based on images or videos. They can cover a wide range of topics, from general knowledge to specific fields such as science, history, geography, languages, sports, and more. Quizzes can be conducted in various contexts, either individually or in teams, with participants providing written answers, using electronic devices, or even answering orally during an event hosted by a presenter.

Today, there are numerous tools available, both free and paid, to create online quizzes, offering improved accessibility, easy management, time-saving in result processing, instant and personalized feedback, and much more! Online quizzes are also much more interactive and engaging compared to quizzes conducted on paper or in face-to-face settings.


5 use cases of online quizzes

Quizzes can be conducted in different contexts. Here are examples of contexts:


Quizzes are often used in educational environments, whether in schools, universities, or professional training programs. Teachers and trainers can create quizzes to facilitate interactive learning or a fun experience, motivate students, assess their knowledge, test their understanding of the subjects studied, help them consolidate their learning, or validate their achievements.


Quizzes are widely used in the professional world. They can be used to train employees, assess their skill levels, test their understanding of policies and procedures, or even facilitate the recruitment process by evaluating candidates' knowledge.


Quizzes are often used in entertainment settings. They can be integrated into social events, parties, or game shows to create a fun and competitive atmosphere. Online quizzes and quiz applications are also popular for personal leisure and entertainment.

Online Assessments

Online quizzes are commonly used to assess knowledge and skills in various domains, such as health, well-being, languages, technical skills, etc. These assessments can provide certifications or attestations based on participants' performance.


Quizzes can be used in academic research or online surveys. They can help collect data and gather information about participants' attitudes, preferences, or knowledge.

It is important to adapt the quiz to the specific context in which it will be used and ensure that it not only aligns with your objectives but also meets the respondents' needs.


The 5 Steps to Creating a Free Interactive Quiz

There are numerous platforms available on the internet to create quizzes. Eval&GO is one of the best tools you will find on the market. Intuitive and user-friendly, it allows you to create a free interactive online quiz. Here are the 5 steps to creating a free online quiz on Eval&GO:

1. Planning and platform selection

First, determine the topic and objective of your quiz and create a list of relevant questions. Organize these questions into categories or difficulty levels if needed. Then, search for the platform that best suits your needs. Eval&GO offers many advantages: it is a 100% online software, available in French, and compliant with GDPR regulations. A comprehensive help center with articles and videos is available to assist you in designing your quizzes. A responsive support team is also available to answer your questions via phone, email, tickets, or chat. Lastly, Eval&GO offers several plans, including a free one.

2. Quiz creation

Creating a FREE account on Eval&GO is easy and quick. Follow the provided tutorials to create your quiz. Add your questions one by one and provide appropriate answer options. The FREE account allows you to create an unlimited number of quizzes, with a maximum of 10 questions, and collect 50 responses per month. You can include both single-choice and multiple-choice questions, which are well-suited for quizzes as you can assign points to correct answers. Additionally, include a form question to gather information about the respondent, such as their name, email address, or any other information that will help identify them in the results. Finally, give your quiz an attractive and original appearance by choosing a theme from the design library.

3. Quiz settings configuration

With Eval&GO's FREE account, you benefit from default quiz settings. For each correct answer, the participant earns 1 point. In the case of a multiple-choice question, all correct choices must be selected to obtain a correct answer. The points calculation is automatic, saving you time, and participants can view their score at the end of the quiz.

4. Quiz sharing

Once you have finished creating your quiz, share the link or QR code with your participants. By default, each participant can only respond once. However, you have the option to enable a button that allows participants to retake the quiz and respond multiple times. You can also embed the quiz on your website, blog, intranet, etc. Participants can share it on social media using the provided buttons.

5. Results analysis

You can access the results and statistics in the results module of your quiz. Eval&GO provides a detailed report with answers, scores, and individual performance. You can display the respondent's score as a total points awarded and as a percentage at the end of the quiz. All this information is available in the results module and can be exported into a single CSV file.


Creating a free online quiz is entirely possible on Eval&GO. However, you may encounter limitations in terms of functionality. You can only create 10 questions per quiz, and respondents will only see their score as a total points awarded or as a percentage. You won't have the option to configure your own scoring system. By opting for one of our paid accounts, you can make your quiz more professional with advanced options such as setting timers on specific pages or the entire quiz, displaying personalized messages based on the score, creating a personality test with multiple scores, and much more! Feel free to test all the features by signing up for a trial account. For 14 days, you will have free access to our solution and can create a free interactive online quiz.