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We have noticed some recurring themes and questions concerning surveys and all things surrounding them. To that effect, this blog was inspired by questions we hear from our clients and people like yourself, curious about how to get the most out of your survey experience. Online surveys aren’t new. Online survey creators have been around for a while, giving you a way to choose some questions, send them out, and hopefully get some answers. What is new is the ever-increasing need for people and businesses to use them. We all want to know what our clients, readers, workforce, etcetera are thinking. The purpose of surveys isn’t about getting data back, creating a shiny percentage table and a corresponding pretty pie chart, followed by a mostly useless accompanying paragraph? this isn’t an elementary school science fair. The purpose of surveys is getting to know your target market, making intelligent useful analysis, and making money. And increasingly, people are choosing to do it themselves. When this is the case, online survey software is the way to go.

Now, why are more and more people and businesses turning to an online survey solution, rather than hiring outside companies to do research for them? A multitude of reasons, but the two big ones are money and knowledge.

Money: External analysis companies will promise you the moon on a silver platter, but ask you to pay an arm, a leg, and an eyeball before they do your research and analysis for you. This means that it is much more cost efficient to do your research and analysis in-house (and probably better for you? arms and legs considered?).

Knowledge: External companies may have tons of analysts working around the clock, searching for your strengths and weaknesses in the market, but the truth is no one knows your company better than you do. With the right tools (Eval & GO for example), you and your company can do just as well if not better than if you outsourced your research and analysis.

If for either of these reasons, or another one all together, you feel you’re ready to integrate market research and analysis to your business then online survey software is the way forward.

Like I said earlier, online surveys aren’t new. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still an air of mystery about them. We need to demystify the survey! (See what I did there) ;)

Eval & GO’s blog isn’t about us. It’s about starting a conversation surrounding the potential of online surveys. Our objective here is to open the lines of communication to answer questions and queries concerning topics from: ”How to create a good questionnaire?” to ”What on earth is a heatmap question for?” and anything in between. Online surveys can be an amazing tool that should be available to everyone. Let’s make it even easier by talking about how and why we use them, who we send them to, and why they are such an important business solution.

As topics arise, questions from our clients, or interesting queries we find on the web, they will appear here. Read, enjoy, and feel confident in knowing you’re reaching closer to the full potential of your own surveys.

Welcome to the conversation!

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