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Optimizing your questionnaires – part 4

Written by Sealia Thevenau. Posted in Optimizing your questionnaires

The Matrix – Not just a Hollywood Trilogy

The “Matrix” question type is a multi-dimensional version of “multiple choice” or “scale” type questions. It is presented as a table and the respondent must give an answer per line. In this post we’ll go over the positives and negatives of using this question type to further help you optimize your surveys.

Matrix question type

Matrix with Radio-buttons

Optimizing your Questionnaires – Part 3 of 10

Written by Sealia Thevenau. Posted in Optimizing your questionnaires

Insert Page Here

Too many questions on a page = bye-bye respondents

Adding pages

Any questionnaire you publish is a manifestation of your image. For this reason it is imperative to optimize the flow of your surveys and make them as dynamic as possible for your respondents.

Online surveys are a great way of gathering information, but they can also be a powerful marketing tool that can work for (if you get it right) or against you (if you get it wrong).

Optimizing Your Questionnaires – Part Two

Written by Sealia Thevenau. Posted in Optimizing your questionnaires

Multiple Choice Versus Checkbox Questions – Yes, there REALLY is a difference!

Okay, so I see a lot of questionnaires. I create quite a few myself, I see/take them online, and I see some that people send to me because they have a question.
For some of you the subject of this post will be self-evident, for others perhaps the difference between a multiple choice question and a checkbox question doesn’t seem too clear…

Optimizing Your Questionnaires – Part 1 of 10

Written by Sealia Thevenau. Posted in Optimizing your questionnaires

What to do and NOT to do when creating your surveys

You’ve decided to start creating your own surveys, and you’re excited to get them out there! Well in this series we’re going to go over some of the basic dos and don’ts of creating a survey.

You want your questionnaire to be great and to get lots of respondents, so do we. So here’s what we’ll be going over during the next few weeks:

WeLoveSaaS Loves Us!

Written by Sealia Thevenau. Posted in News!

Okay, so it’s in French, but the point is that WeLoveSaaS co-founder Clément Vouillon (who sees tons of SaaS applications every day!) wrote a really favorable article about our application. He called Eval&GO the Rolls Royce of online survey software. Needless to say we’re flattered.

Knowing that many of you speak English I’ve translated the article and included it here! So enjoy and contact us if you know of another article we should cover as well :)

The original article can be found here.

Discover the Rolls-Royce of online survey software: Eval&GO

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